Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Testing for Commercial Generators

All electrical connections degrade over time, including those in your commercial generator. This can cause improper electrical connections which can then lead to internal unit damage and even fire hazards. The good news is, through thermal imaging testing, PM Tech can monitor temperature fluctuations inside your generator to identify any improper connections and resolve the issues quickly to keep your emergency power system fully operational, avoid costly downtime, and prevent any dangerous situations from arising. With thermal imaging, we can also monitor developing problems so maintenance can be scheduled in advance.

How Does Thermal Imaging Work?

Our thermal imagers measure infrared energy and utilize these measurements to create a thermal image by assigning colors to correspond with specific temperatures. The additional heat that is generated by improper electrical connections allows PM Tech to use these images to identify unit issues.

Improper connections can result in system inefficiencies, mechanical damage, and worse – they are the biggest cause of electrical fires! Since all electrical connections deteriorate over time, it’s vital to conduct scheduled routine thermal imaging scans to be as proactive as possible in preserving the life of your commercial generator. 

Benefits of Thermal Imaging Testing

In addition to the benefits of routine electrical maintenance testing, 69ɫƬ employs thermal imaging to quickly diagnose and accurately resolve issues with your commercial generator. This saves you time and money by directly identifying the problem to be addressed, as well as the added benefits of: 

  • Increased productivity with less downtime
  • Reduced risk of equipment failure
  • Predictive repairs
  • No infrastructure investment
  • Focused diagnosis and recommendations

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