Fuel Polishing

Fuel Polishing for Commercial Diesel Generators

PM Tech’s fuel polishing services address an often neglected, but critical aspect of commercial generator maintenance. Standby generators are the most effective form of providing power in the event of utility outages, and while diesel engine powered generators provide superior performance, their fuel may remain unused for long periods in storage tanks, which can leave it susceptible to contamination like water intrusion, bacterial contamination, particulates and overall degradation. Diesel fuel has a limited shelf life – it can start to degrade in just six months, and be rendered useless after just 2 years. Fuel Polishing addresses all of these issues.

What Is Fuel Polishing?

Professional fuel polishing from 69ɫƬ works to decontaminate the diesel fuel so it can be used most efficiently in your generator. This is accomplished by drawing the fuel from the tank through a filter system and then back into the tank. By circulating the fuel through the filter, we’re able to capture water and other elements that have accumulated.

Fuel polishing is a vital part of a quality preventative maintenance program for your diesel fuel generator. Today’s engines are built to very specific emissions standards and fuel system tolerances. The fuel source must be inspected and treated at regular intervals to avoid premature wear or failure. 

Benefits of Fuel Polishing

New diesel fuel, as shown by the sample to the far left, should have a bright pink color and be completely transparent. As the fuel ages and begins to degrade, the color darkens and visible particulates may be seen. PM Tech has the knowledge, equipment, and experienced experts to make sure your fuel system is in the best condition possible, and is enhanced by the fuel polishing benefits below:

  • Improved system performance
  • Environmental compliance
  • Reduced wet stacking in diesel engines
  • Increased equipment life and reliability
  • Less down time

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